Will Sintika the Lion survive?

Panthera: It’s almost time for Sintika—a 3.5-year-old lion with a pink nose and a majestic mane—to leave his birth pride in Mudumu, Namibia, and form his own territory. He’ll dodge constant threats as he seeks a place to settle. Sintika has no coalition of brothers or cousins to accompany him on his quest, which puts him at a disadvantage. But as a loner, he has also avoided conflict with cattle and people—so far.

Like all African lions, Sintika’s fate is a question mark. This World Lion Day, we invite you to follow his story.

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With our partners at the Kwando Carnivore Project, we’ve just put a radio collar on Sintika so we can keep tabs on how he’s faring and gather important insights about dispersing male lions and how we can keep them safe.

We’ll be sharing Sintika’s story, along with all the latest on lions, in our new quarterly newsletter coming later this month. Join the Pride today and be sure not to miss a thing!

For the species to survive, Sintika and all male lions need to disperse: to leave their mothers and the safety of their homes and find mates and prides of their own. This natural wandering doesn’t know boundaries. Lions need to move freely between protected areas and human-dominated landscapes to connect to other lions and spread their genes.

In Mudumu, Panthera and its partners are helping lions make it to dispersal age by keeping them from preying on cattle and being killed in retaliation. As a result, we’re seeing more adult lions moving safely to other protected areas in the region.

Will Sintika be next? We hope you’ll follow along as Sintika and some other young males we’ll be collaring over the next few weeks leave on their journeys.

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