Speak Out for Wild Horses — It’s Now or Never!

Photo by Tony Stromberg

Return to Freedom, Wild Horse Conservation

Congress has left for its August recess without deciding the fate of America’s wild horses and burros. This offers us a short window of opportunity to expand the number of ways we can draw attention to the plight of wild horses before members cast their votes in September.

The situation is dire, but we have numbers on our side. We know that polls consistently show that 80% of Americans oppose slaughter and a similar percentage support the conservation of wild horses.

Nevertheless, those numbers will mean nothing if we do not speak for the horses that cannot.

Our wild horses are fighting for their lives. It’s now or never: If we don’t speak up — right now – the brutal business of horse slaughter will return to the United States – and the Bureau of Land Management will be handed the authority to shoot tens of thousands of wild horses and burros. That will become the new management paradigm.

To recap: In July, the House Appropriations Committee voted both in favor of opening the door to horse slaughter’s return to the United States and allowing the BLM to kill healthy unadopted wild horses and burros – starting with 45,000 living in short-term corrals and long-term pastures. The full House has yet to vote. Meanwhile, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted against slaughter, but it has yet to take up the wild horse issue.

Underscoring the need to act: BLM has scheduled a number of roundups for the fall — including a 6,700-horse helicopter roundup in Nevada, the biggest in years.

What can you do? Click here to find out.

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