Sasha – Animal Ambassador

Keepers of the Wild: Keepers of the Wild is frequently asked if we have “Animal Ambassadors”. Unfortunately most people believe that Wild Animal Sanctuaries should follow the same standards as Zoos by providing animals to be presented by trainers and handlers in performances or to be handled by visitors under the guise of education. Our mission is to educate them about true Animal Ambassadors.

We believe that each and every animal that calls Keepers of the Wild their forever home is a representative for their particular species. Each one has a unique story to tell….. their life before Keepers, the issues that their species faces in relationship to mankind, their native habitats and conservation. We also believe that our supporters are Animal Ambassadors by learning about animals and sharing their knowledge of wildlife that live in captivity and those in their native homelands.

Each month an individual Keepers of the Wild Animal Ambassador will tell their unique story. Sometimes they will relate what occurred recently in their home here at the park. We hope that they will touch your heart and encourage you to share their story with a friend or family member.

Meet Sasha:

I can remember back when I was young, although I cannot remember ever being with my mother. I was too young when I was taken from her. The days were so long and there were so many people that were touching me…. I was so tired…. I just wanted to be left alone to sleep. There was no time or place for me to rest…….until I made it to Keepers of the Wild when I was 8 months old. My owners decided that since they could not make money by having people pay to take their picture with me or to pet me, that they would donate me to Keepers. I was so lucky! My siblings and I were brought to Arizona to live for the rest of our lives. There are some “photo-opportunity” cubs that are sold at exotic animal auctions to people to have for a pet. Other cubs are sold to people that operate “canned hunts” on farms as a wildlife “trophy”. Many cubs ended up living their lives on Tiger Farms until they are old enough to harvest for their body parts

I get to enjoy life now. There is room to explore and roam throughout the habitat that I share with my brothers. Sometimes we lie underneath the big trees and enjoy watching the leaves moving in the breeze. There are big boulders that we like to sprawl across…. in the wintertime the boulders seem warm in the sunshine ….. in the summertime the boulders feel cool in the evenings after a rain storm. When I want to get away from my brothers I just stand up and take a walk to the opposite end of the habitat. I visit with other tigers and watch them, sometimes I watch the people that come to visit me.

A couple of weeks ago there was a big storm. I enjoyed watching the water flow through the wash in our habitat. Then I just go up, walked through the rushing water and went to the other side to watch even more water coming down the hillside. It seems the simple things in life can be the best. I am happy and thankful that I have such a wonderful home.

– Sasha

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