Quick Signature Needed: Don’t let Big Oil drill in our oceans

URGENT: The Trump administration is trying to expand offshore drilling so Big Oil has a free pass to drill off our beaches. Fight back today

League of Conservation Voters:

If Big Polluters get their way, the fate of our nation’s most pristine coastlines ‐ from the Pacific Northwest to the Florida coast — will be in jeopardy. These publicly owned oceans provide the foundation for our nation’s vibrant communities, ecosystems, and economies.

One oil spill from offshore drilling could wipe out livelihoods and critical natural resources for generations.

For years, we have fought (and won!) against attempts to drill in our oceans, but now the Trump administration is trying to give Big Oil a green light to drill along our coasts. The Department of Interior is putting all of America’s federal waters — the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico — on the table. We must reignite the fight against offshore drilling — the health and integrity of our coastal communities depends on it!

Submit a public comment by 8/17: Tell Big Oil to STAY OUT of our oceans

Our economy, tourism, and environment cannot afford to be under constant threat of a giant oil spill that could threaten generations to come. And as we know from the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska and the horrific Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Big Oil cannot be trusted to protect our communities or our environment.The risks of offshore drilling are WAY too high.

Challenged by sea level rise and erosion, our coastal communities are already on the front lines of climate change. Intensifying coastal drilling is out of step with our nation’s transition to clean energy and action on climate. Opening our waters to offshore drilling prioritizes polluter’s profits at the expense of the health of ecosystems and communities.

These risks aren’t stopping the Trump administration from supporting Big Oil and promoting a “Drill, Baby, Drill” energy policy. Don’t let Big Polluters have free rein over the environment — they’ll do whatever it takes to make a profit. We’ve won this fight before and we can do it again, but only with your help.

Our beaches and oceans are under threat! Leave a public comment TODAY and help protect these publicly owned waters from offshore drilling

We must reignite the fight to keep offshore drilling out of our publicly owned oceans the health and integrity of our coastal communities depends on it!

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