American Kestrel Hawks Released

Keepers of the Wild: There is nothing more gratifying than being able to release wildlife back where it belongs – into the wild! Keepers of the Wild works in conjunction with our veterinarian to care for fledgling and injured birds that have been determined to be able to be rehabilitated and released. Director Tina Matejek works with staff members to prevent human imprinting on these special creatures. Some individual birds only need a few days to recover from an injury while others require a month or more of specialized care and feeding.

It is a great day for staff as we celebrate the “Freedom Flight” and accomplish our task. Three American Kestrel fledglings arrived at Keepers of the Wild following springtime storms which damaged various nests throughout Mohave County. A single adult female was also brought to us by the Hualapai Indian Nation Tribal Animal Control. They were all able to successfully build their flight wing muscles and were released into an area near one of our American Kestrel Nest boxes that have been placed in favorable habitats. It is our hope that one or more of the Kestrels will return next spring and choose to occupy the currently vacant nest box.


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